Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zafaria Gear

I know I haven't posted in awhile, I really had nothing to say. With Zafaria on test though and after looking at the 68 and crafted gear, I really have to say that KI didn't succeed with the new gear. Everyone loses universal resist if they have WW gear. Which is good I think universal resist is Ice's trademark along with high health. But KI didn't tailor the new gear to each school. Lets use Ice as an example since that's what I know. Instead of giving crazy critical and damage boosts Ice should have slightly higher universal resist, high critical block, and armor piercing block. Ice is about being able to laugh at you when you hit him/her. Storm hits hard and fast, Life outheals damage, Death steals your life, Fire is about the DoTs, and Balance and Myth I'm unsure about. (Myth the double hit maybe) But my point is that the new gear is not enhancing those strengths. It seems to me that KI is trying make us all good hitting, good defensive schools. This is wrong! They should make the gear for the school, give Storm the high hit boosts and Ice the high defensive ones. maybe give Death a life steal boost, combine shatter and minotaur for Myth, give Life crazy incoming/outgoing heal boosts, give Fire stackable fuel-like traps. This is the direction I think the new gear should go in. Boost each school in its strength, instead of just making them the same.

Remember Ice is your Friend :)