Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spiral Bullies???

I was questing yesterday on my fire wizard when i got a call for help from a friend. My friend was doing the meowiarty fight, there was one other person there when I showed up, who was being abusive. Now their whole point was its was their quest and my friend was intruding, so they weren't going to be helpful in the fight. (not healing and wasting traps with low hit spells) When the fight was done this person then tried to defend themselves saying it was my friend who was in the wrong, and maybe they were but it doesn't excuse the mean behavior. We as players need to remember that we all come from different backgrounds. That we need to think, I mean really think before type out out our comments in game. You never know what can be the thing that leaves a permanent scar. I like this game partly due to the community, then I meet someone like that who thinks its OK to talk to someone like that and I hang my head. I really dont understand why some people have to be hateful, its something i tend to ignore when i normally see it, but this is "supposed" to be a family friendly game. So lets try to remember to to be civil if we can't be nice.
 I want to thank John Lifeglen for making me think about this episode in light of the rise of cyberbullies in the spiral, and in around the interwebs in general. His recent recent blog post was what inspired me to post.

                                                                                             Remember that Ice is your friend

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