Monday, February 18, 2013

NXP party

I realize I haven't made a post in awhile, its probably due to fact that I dont have blogging bug the way others do. Anyway Austin Griffinblood is totally questless Wizard 101 having completed Azteca. And since Pirate 101 came I made Witch Doctor who has completed the game but still has some side quests to do and a Musketeer who not that far from finishing Mooshu. (WD is Garrett Burke and Musk is John Burke) For simplicity I decided to name all my pirates with the last name of Burke. I also have a baby swashbuckler whose name escapes me atm. the real reason for this post though is because of the Pieces of 8 Radio NXP party today. IT was loads of fun downing Renegade ships with Stephen Spinnaker and Cristina Devereaux, Iri Gianthunter was there too but sadly Kelsey Fireheart had other things to do :P (love ya Kelsey) On to upgrade news Garrett got a new Wheel and Rudder for Honor's Star (Mooshu Galleon, Heavy) now if I can get a figurehead with high damage and a low cooldown I'll have the best ship in the Spiral :) and wont have to get the ugly Royal Navy Galleon ;) So drink up me heartys, its a pirates life for me

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zafaria Gear

I know I haven't posted in awhile, I really had nothing to say. With Zafaria on test though and after looking at the 68 and crafted gear, I really have to say that KI didn't succeed with the new gear. Everyone loses universal resist if they have WW gear. Which is good I think universal resist is Ice's trademark along with high health. But KI didn't tailor the new gear to each school. Lets use Ice as an example since that's what I know. Instead of giving crazy critical and damage boosts Ice should have slightly higher universal resist, high critical block, and armor piercing block. Ice is about being able to laugh at you when you hit him/her. Storm hits hard and fast, Life outheals damage, Death steals your life, Fire is about the DoTs, and Balance and Myth I'm unsure about. (Myth the double hit maybe) But my point is that the new gear is not enhancing those strengths. It seems to me that KI is trying make us all good hitting, good defensive schools. This is wrong! They should make the gear for the school, give Storm the high hit boosts and Ice the high defensive ones. maybe give Death a life steal boost, combine shatter and minotaur for Myth, give Life crazy incoming/outgoing heal boosts, give Fire stackable fuel-like traps. This is the direction I think the new gear should go in. Boost each school in its strength, instead of just making them the same.

Remember Ice is your Friend :) 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spiral Bullies???

I was questing yesterday on my fire wizard when i got a call for help from a friend. My friend was doing the meowiarty fight, there was one other person there when I showed up, who was being abusive. Now their whole point was its was their quest and my friend was intruding, so they weren't going to be helpful in the fight. (not healing and wasting traps with low hit spells) When the fight was done this person then tried to defend themselves saying it was my friend who was in the wrong, and maybe they were but it doesn't excuse the mean behavior. We as players need to remember that we all come from different backgrounds. That we need to think, I mean really think before type out out our comments in game. You never know what can be the thing that leaves a permanent scar. I like this game partly due to the community, then I meet someone like that who thinks its OK to talk to someone like that and I hang my head. I really dont understand why some people have to be hateful, its something i tend to ignore when i normally see it, but this is "supposed" to be a family friendly game. So lets try to remember to to be civil if we can't be nice.
 I want to thank John Lifeglen for making me think about this episode in light of the rise of cyberbullies in the spiral, and in around the interwebs in general. His recent recent blog post was what inspired me to post.

                                                                                             Remember that Ice is your friend

Sunday, May 1, 2011


So how do deal with the passing of the woman who was a better mom than the woman who gave you birth? I dont know but when i heard her bio son tell me she was gonna call to be taken home I totally lost it! Its hard but I know need to be the rock for the bio family. Who happens to be as close as my blood family. How do you deal with something like this? How do you go on? why did she have to go under your hands, why couldnt she go in her sleep? I dunno, I guess 1 day at a time. Maybe soon I'll be able look back and smile as I recall her life, just not right now. So if anyone has any words that can help I would appreciate them, but dunno if they can. Anyway if anyone wants to comment then please do so cause I need all the encouragement I can get.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cricket Broadband

Ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right? thats been me dealing with cricket, first they lose my payment then they upgrade my plan and tell me i need to pay the additional difference, then they dont update my account to reflect any of the changes. And why do you ask did this happen? Well it just so happens that they installed NEW billing software and i was a casualty of that decision. So its taken all week to straighten the mess out. And what did it take to fix it? why nothing short of getting a new number for my modem, which i have to register like a new account. Suffice it to say I'm not a happy camper right now. I apologize for the rant but I'm really steamed about the whole thing still. Until next time Remember Ice is your Friend

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Possible new spell idea for wizard 101

My all time favorite spell is Blade Barrier from AD&D. This was a cleric spell, which worked like this, the cleric would cast it and be surrounded by a number of swordblades which would damage any enemy which came into the radius. Every time an enemy was damaged in this way 1 of the blades would vanish. This would continue till the blades were used up or the spell duration expired.Think about it you cast a blade barrier then, cast some other damage spell and voila the mob is defeated. I think this is where Blizzard got their idea for the paladin thorns aura in Diablo 2. So this what I would like to see in game, some sort of blade barrier. So until next time, Remember Ice is your Friend

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crowns vs. Subscription

Theres always been a debate on which method is best in Wizard 101. Now that KI has even juiced the balance even more to subs. Even with the expanded inventory, friends list, and faster energy regen, I think I still prefer the crowns method. My reasons are simple, I had a sub for 2 months then went back to crowns due to the fact that I couldnt afford the  monthly fee. With crowns I can pay as I want when I want. My finances arent what I would consider stable, so crowns are the better method for me. Now if I could afford it, then I would go sub all the way, so I wouldnt have to worry about if I had the enough crowns on account to unlock the next area or dungeon. Until next time Remember Ice is your friend