Monday, February 18, 2013

NXP party

I realize I haven't made a post in awhile, its probably due to fact that I dont have blogging bug the way others do. Anyway Austin Griffinblood is totally questless Wizard 101 having completed Azteca. And since Pirate 101 came I made Witch Doctor who has completed the game but still has some side quests to do and a Musketeer who not that far from finishing Mooshu. (WD is Garrett Burke and Musk is John Burke) For simplicity I decided to name all my pirates with the last name of Burke. I also have a baby swashbuckler whose name escapes me atm. the real reason for this post though is because of the Pieces of 8 Radio NXP party today. IT was loads of fun downing Renegade ships with Stephen Spinnaker and Cristina Devereaux, Iri Gianthunter was there too but sadly Kelsey Fireheart had other things to do :P (love ya Kelsey) On to upgrade news Garrett got a new Wheel and Rudder for Honor's Star (Mooshu Galleon, Heavy) now if I can get a figurehead with high damage and a low cooldown I'll have the best ship in the Spiral :) and wont have to get the ugly Royal Navy Galleon ;) So drink up me heartys, its a pirates life for me

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